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How to Make a Bag Out of a Pillowcase

In this world where everyone is inside their houses due to the pandemic, keep going is a much-needed thing for everyone. We all are facing difficulties in staying inside our houses and not going out. This has increased the number of cases of mental illness and problems regarding the mental health of people.

Therefore, it is essential to keep ourselves busy. To do this thing, it will be wise to use our time in beneficial things and use this time to grow more. Therefore, we are here to help you grow more and enhance your creativity.

In this article, we have come up with some of the best bag designs you can make by just using your pillowcases. HouseAffection is one of the best places to get creative ideas on using your old pillowcases to make creative bags out of it. So, let us get into their ideas and create our art.

Types of bags you can make by just using a pillowcase

You can make a lot of varieties of bags for yourself. Whether it is grocery bags, Tote bags, or drawstring bags, you can make any of them more comfortable. All you must do is to gather the pillowcases, which is currently of no use.

Few stitching equipment and a beautiful and creative idea of your own, and then you are ready to create your art. We have selected some of the most used types of bags for you, which are easy to create and will give you a creative companion to carry. So, let us start now.

1. Grocery Bags

Grocery Bag
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This is the most used bag which is available in every house. Due to its usage, it weakens in no time. Therefore, rather than investing your money on it, you can make it on your own. Let us take now look at the steps you must follow to get the perfect grocery bag from a pillowcase.

  1. First, gather all the related tools which you will require in this artmaking. After collecting all the necessary things, it is now time for stitching and cutting.
  2. Cut your pillowcase from top and bottom. You will require two pillowcases in this. This will give your pillowcase a hollow cylindrical shape. Do not throw the cut piece as it can be used to make the handle, or you can also make pockets if you like. Now, turn the pillowcase inside out.
  3. Now, you must make the base of your bag. To do this, you should have strong material as the base is essential since it experiences more force than other parts.
  4. You can use polyester cloths, and if it is not available, then you can use the cut piece or other cloths if present. This will give you a different look as well.
  5. Now, after the cutting process, it is time for stitching. Remember, the stitching should be done from the inner sides and not from the upper side. First, such your base tightly and firmly.
  6. After that use, a ribbon of around one and a half inches wide, or you can use clothes for your handle. Now fold the top of your bag just a little bit inside. Tuck the handle inside that fold like a hook gets attached. Now, such that slowly and firmly.

Your grocery bag is now completed. You can add pockets if you want, and you can also give your bag a unique design as per your wish.

2. A Tote Bag

A Tote Bag
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One of the things you will see in everyone’s arm in the summer season is tote bags. This is quite bright and colorful to give you a classy and trendy look when holding it.

  1. First, gather all the necessary tools and then start your work. Cut your pillowcase from the bottom. Keep the length of your bag as per your wish.
  2. Now, stitch the base of the bag inside out. Make sure the stitches are strong.
  3. Now, for making its handle, you can use either a cloth strip or a ribbon as per your wish. Stitch the handle at the top of your bag and make sure that stitches are excellent and robust.

Now your tote bag is ready to use. By using your creative ideas, you can enhance its looks further. We would suggest you use bright color clothes.

3. A Drawstring Bag

A Drawstring Bag
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A handy and useful bag for everyone. It is the most comfortable bag to make out of a pillowcase which does not require much extra clothes and ribbons.

  1. First, cut your pillowcase from the base and make it a hollow pillowcase.
  2. Stitch the base and at the top, make stitches in a way to make a loop.
  3. Put ribbon inside that loop with the help of a safety pin and keep the length as per your wish.

Your drawstring bag is now ready to use.

These are the bags you can make from your pillowcases. I hope you have liked this article. Happy stitching. 

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