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Waterproofing a Basement: When, Where and How to Do It

A good and decent is the thing everyone wants. Everybody wants a house that looks attractive and simple. People love to spend some time in their houses especially when they spend a lot of time staying far away from their houses.

As time flies, houses begin to lose their color and its beauty. To maintain the beauty of our houses we generally paint our whole house from the color of our choices. Some people change their house’s design while some make some changes in its interior while some reinvent their house and starts changing and adding spaces in their houses to give it a whole new look.

There are many methods available by which you can give your house a whole new look. It all depends on the budget of course. People change the interior of their houses while some focus on the exterior but there are only a few of them who generally care about their basement. This is the space that is treated very differently from other parts of houses. They just used as storage rooms. People should also focus on this.

One major problem with the basement is its water leakage. Water gets filled in the basement and this not rare it is the problem of most of the people. It is important to make your basement waterproof. This is the part of your house which stores the things you do not want to keep in open. People also store some of their appliances and other important kinds of stuff also. So, give your basement a gift of waterproofing. When will you know that your basement needs waterproofing?

Signs Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

If you are not able to find the need for waterproofing or you think that your basement does not have to go through waterproofing then read this and evaluate your basement. This will tell you how serious waterproofing is needed for your basement.
Mold or mildew is the unavoidable sign. You can’t ignore it. It happens only when there is moisture and moisture tells you that there is some kind of leakage in your basement which is a big reason to worry.

The paint will peel off due to various reasons. It can come off due to poor quality paint, or you may have not cleaned the surface properly before painting or there could be excess dampness in your walls which is the result of waterlogging.
Standing water is also a big thing to worry. It is not good if your basement has standing water or there is some kind of leakage either for some time for a long time. These reasons are enough to tell you about how seriously your basement needs waterproofing.

Here are some easy steps and ideas which you can imply to make your basement waterproof.

Different Ways to Waterproof Your Basement

This is the type of work which should be left for the professional ones but, there are a lot of methods which can easily be done by you alone and this will make your basement moisture-free.
Use this method to make your basement dry and waterproof.

Buy a Dehumidifier

The residential dehumidifier unit can do magic for you. It is the easiest method. It will draw out moisture from the air before entering your basement and will prevent wall dampness, mold, etc.

Choose Waterproof Carpeting Materials

If the moisture problem is continuous it will be better to invest in waterproof carpeting. Its maintenance is also important as it requires regular cleaning and its sanitization can be done by the steam bath to prevent bad odor and mold growth.

Apply Waterproof Sealant to Walls and Floor

Crack can be seen in the basement’s walla and floor. If the paint is peeling off remove it and then clean the surface thoroughly. Let it dry and then apply a thick coat of waterproof sealant and leave it for some time. When it gets hard to repaint your walls now you have a waterproof wall.

Keep Wood Surfaces and Water Separate

Avoid keeping wooden furniture in your basement as much as possible but, if it is unavoidable make sure that there is no leakage of water and any kind of thing which can be responsible for increasing the moisture in the air.

Look for Outdoor Issues

It is not the interior issues all the time, there can be some outdoor issues which are responsible for the water logging in your basement or for the dampness of your wall, etc. So, make sure that there are no outdoor issues if it is then fixed it as soon as possible.

Turn to the Professionals

If maintaining your basement does not seem an easy task for you then do not worry. Ask for professional help and let them do all the things for you. They will surely go to give you better results as they are used to it.…